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The purchase of facing material is an important and crucial moment. Not only the attractive appearance of the building, but also its functionality and durability will depend on the correctly chosen facing material. Aluminium composite panel is a modern cladding material for exterior walls of buildings. The panel consists of three layers, the two extreme – aluminum sheets, and between them is a layer of polymer non-combustible filler (thermoplastic). The inner side of the panel, facing the wall, is covered with an anti-corrosion layer, and the outer – a protective layer that protects the surface from ultraviolet rays, atmospheric manifestations, etc.

Advantages of composite aluminum panel

The panels combine the best qualities of aluminum and modern polymer components:

  • Light weight. Lightness makes ACP the best choice for cladding systems. The weight of the panel is approximately 5.2 kg/m2, depending on the thickness. For stone, glass and cement, these figures are much higher. 
  • The total weight of a composite facade is approximately 90% less than a granite stone facade, 85% less than a cement facade, 75% less than a glass facade, and 50% less than a pure aluminum facade.
  • High surface quality. Aluminium composite panel in Sydney can be coated with 2 kinds of materials: polyester and PVDF, making the surface more durable.
  • Durability. The coating serves for about 30 years. Breaking the panel is also quite difficult.
  • Weather resistance. The polymer between the aluminum layers helps increase resistance to heat and cold weather, as well as contributing to energy savings and a pleasant indoor climate. In addition, the sandwich structure reduces noise, so the material is well suited for making wall panels.
  • A large assortment. There is a variety of colors and sheet formats, as well as various surface types.
  • Economic efficiency. A composite aluminum panel is an economical choice, especially considering their durability, ease of installation and fastening. Care is very simple – just wash with water without chemical detergents.
  • Suitability for machining. Panels can be milled, cut, bent, folded. If it is necessary to replace an individual element in a cladding or advertising structure, it can be changed locally.

Features of aluminium composite panel care

The frequency of maintenance of an aluminum composite panel Sydney depends on their type, purpose of use and pollution of the environment where they are used. It is recommended to wash the panels with a soft cloth pre-soaked in water at a temperature of 20-30°C with a neutral detergent or a small amount of soap dissolved in it. When using hard or rough tools to clean the material, there is a risk of scratching the surface of the panels. Aluminum composite panels are washed either manually or with appropriate equipment, from top to bottom. After washing, the surface of the material must be rinsed with cold water to remove detergent residues.

Moreover, it is not recommended to use strong detergents with a high alkali content, such as potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate or caustic soda, to wash composite panels. The composite aluminum panel also should not make contact with substances containing strong acids or abrasives, as they can damage their surface. It is beneficial to wash aluminum composite panels at least once a year to maintain their original appearance.

Application of aluminum composite panel in Sydney

Aluminum composite has found many applications:

  • facade cladding. ACP makes them more attractive, it can be used to create shapes that are inaccessible to other materials. Light weight reduces the overall load on the structure. 
  • the material retains rigidity in any weather, and is completely safe during earthquakes; 
  • exterior and interior decoration at airports, railway stations, hotels, shopping centers and other public places;
  • renovation of old buildings;
  • production of signboards, advertising products;
  • special vehicle coverage.

So, the invention of aluminium composite panel is a kind of revolution in construction and advertising. They have versatile qualities and can be used where other materials cannot. There is an opportunity to buy composite panels in Sydney with installation for the best price!

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