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What is timber look aluminium?

Wood. This word brings in light child memories filled with summer, cozy houses, fresh coffee, scented tea, cookies with cinnamon, lovely windows, and doors, neat fences, garage gates at the grandparents’ house. All houses and surroundings constructed from wood. So warm, natural, and friendly. Despite all that, wood has a vulnerable structure. Annoying termites together with other bugs, drought, and moisture, high and low temperatures gradually and constantly ruin wooden beauty and make inevitable changes in its structure and outlook. Alas, timber does not last for long, but its texture, colour, and warmth magnetizes. For centuries the scientists searched for alike material. Finally, they came up with a unique solution.

Timber look aluminium combines natural timber’s beauty and magnetism with elasticity, lightness, hardness, and durability of aluminium. Actually, it holds leading positions among unique and revolutionary building products. In a few sentences, we will describe its originality and innovation. 

Scientists formulated a  special powder coating with aluminium, managed to apply a timber texture to it and this way invented a real aluminium wood. It has a very clear and warm wood grain. Aluminium timber cladding looks great visually. And when you touch it, you almost sense each line of wood texture. It lasts much longer than real wood. It creates an environment-friendly appearance for any facility and does not make pollution at all. At the end of its life cycle, it can even be recycled. So, it has become a high quality alternative to timber. 

Another great feature of timber look aluminium cladding deserves your direct attention. As one of the modern aluminium products, it meets the highest fire-resistance standards in Australia and worldwide. In other words, aluminium timber cladding has an inflammable structure and could be used for any facilities.

Also, timber aluminium does not need so much care as a real timber does. To remove the dust and any organic particles, stains you just need to wipe it off with a sponge, apply usual nonaggressive chemical, rinse with clean water.

Timber look aluminium has great colour variants and textures. We provide a twelve-year warranty for not fading, cracking, and other changes according to Australian Standard AS3715. You can truly add warmth, elegance, and beauty to your new project. Or you can incredibly upgrade existing facilities and make them as safe and lucrative as never before.

We summarized all information mentioned earlier and came up with this list, but not the last key benefits. 

Timber look aluminium cladding benefits:

  • gorgeous and warm outlook;
  • fire-resistant;
  • airy;
  • stored locally and could be quickly delivered;
  • easy to process and install;
  • has a twelve-year warranty for not fading;
  • has many colours and textures;
  • lasts much longer than timber;
  • one of the best alternatives to timber;
  • eco-friendly.

Timber look aluminium slats price differs greatly. It all depends on your project size, colour, and texture you choose. At Glamour Decor Australia we provide free measurement and quote. Feel free to call us or send us an email.


What is solid aluminium cladding?

For many centuries different limitations and challenges complicated and postponed abundant architectural growth. The building technology developed rather slowly. It took years to build decent and immaculate constructions. The partial or complete renovation also required almost the same time as building a new project from a scratch. Recently it all dramatically changed. Scientists invented many new base material variants such as concrete, monolithic building, aluminium cladding, fibre cement sheet cladding, also called fc cladding or fibro cladding,  etc. In this article, we will talk about the solid aluminium cladding, about MonoClad in particular.

solid aluminium cladding

What is Monoclad?

MondoClad® is a registered trademark for a strong aluminium cladding material. A group of scientists created it from special marine-grade metal with incredible resistance to corrosion and temperatures. Thus, it has a great range of immaculate features. First of all, we want to point out the main one, fire resistance. MonoClad meets all strict fire safety regulations in Australia and worldwide. 

MonoClad panels have a very special Polyvinylidene Fluoride coatings baked to them. Basically, scientists alloyed fluoropolymer resin with the metal. That makes it impossible to remove this extra strong surface layer. Also, this material has a genuine strength and profound flexibility, many sizes, colours, finishes. 

Many companies provide MonoClad locally. That way, it could be easily delivered and processed in plates or cassettes. It has high ultraviolet resistance. So, the colours do not change in the sun, cold, and heat. It can face all weather changes and stay unharmed. Glamour Decor Australia provides a 15-year non-bleach guaranty for these plates. The MonoClad could last even longer with slight colour changes after the guaranteed term.

You don’t have to use fibre cement sheet cladding material, fibre cement, fibro cladding all the time to make your facility building or renovation cost-efficient. Now you can simply use MonoClad. 

Besides the already mentioned features, it also has an eco-friendly structure. It does not pollute the environment and could be completely recycled. These and other features make it a highly attractive and widely used solution for designers, developers, and architects. So, let’s structurize MonoClad benefits. 

MonoClad cladding core benefits:

  • fire-resistant;
  • weather-resistant;
  • easy to cut, handle and deliver; 
  • great variety of sizes, colours, and finishes;
  • UV-resistant;
  • has 15 years warranty for colour retention;
  • oxidation-resistant;
  • non-toxic;
  • the best substitute for fc cladding;
  • completely recyclable;
  • cost-effective;
  • available in Australia and could be quickly delivered.

What are MonoClad panels best for?

Solid aluminium cladding panels suit well for building and recladding educational, health care, commercial and prestigious facilities. And once more we emphasize its 100% incombustibility. High fire-safety makes it one of the best choices for renovations. Its wide range of sizes, colours, and textures provides almost unlimited freedom to designers and architects. MonoClad panels add elegance, beauty, and make buildings look simply fabulous. 

Do you need help to pick the best solution for your new building or recladding?

Call or email us at Glamour Decor Australia. We are eager to help you.
We would love to provide a free measurement and quote your project.

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