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The Enigmatic Allure of Darkness: Exploring Mysteries in ALUCOBOND Facades

In the realm of the unknown, mysteries captivate the human imagination, sparking curiosity and leaving us with more questions than answers. Darkness, a symbol of ambiguity, is a powerful element associated with mystery.

Join us in the shadows, where darkness is embraced for its compelling allure. Navigating ALUCOBOND facades, we find that beneath the surface lies not only a reflection of design but also a canvas for the individual imagination. In this article, we unravel the mysteries woven into some of these architectural wonders, exploring profound connections between darkness, design, and the promises of the unknown.

Facade design with ALUCOBOND

ALUCOBOND products are chosen for their outstanding attributes such as

  •         durability,
  •         flatness,
  •         formability,
  •         different options of colours, including very dark and black shades which assist architects in designing inspiring facades and other concepts.

Let’s look at two buildings where dark Alucobond cladding has not only been used for cladding alone but also ingeniously utilised by architects to create architectural designs captivating the imagination.   

1. Creating mysterious “movement” and effects with ALUCOBOND cladding

During winters in the Spanish seaport of Gijón, a grey sea mist “invades” the city. This changes dramatically when the sun breaks through the spray and creates silver shimmering raindrops. With this beautiful natural phenomenon in mind, architects designed and created a building near the beach with a façade consisting of dark, metallic “curtains”. If one looks at the façade it seems as if the “curtains” are moving and reflecting light against other buildings in the narrow grey street.

The architects positioned a large glass façade behind the “curtains” to open the interior living space up to the outside. Inside the building, they also used dark surfaces but incorporated other materials to form points of light as contrast.

This building is an excellent example where dark ALUCOBOND cladding combined with artistic design can be very effective. This building defies weather conditions and creates a mysterious picture even when natural light is poor and storms are raging.

2. Dark and light can produce unexpected balance

Dark is not always related to mystery. It can also bring clarity and calmness with contrasting light. An example is a structure in Asturias, Spain.

An Asturias company wanted a space where its employees could all work together in a transparent, communicative and efficient manner. It constructed its administrative centre as a shell consisting of abandoned reinforced concrete. To complete the structure the appointed architects designed a black and white building. Through glass walls and an atrium, light penetrates the building. Because a very light working scenario can in the long run be exhausting and can also cause eye irritation, the incoming light is filtered and balanced with dark metallic façade posts, dark ALUCOBOND cladded floor slabs and black built-in furniture.

In this structure, the architects succeeded in creating an “unexpected” environment where darkness is alternated with light coming from blue-tinted glass in front of the façade.

ALUCOBOND cladding in Australia

Although the two examples in this article are situated in Europe, ALUCOBOND cladding in Australia is getting more and more popular – especially the combination of darkness and light.

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